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Moxi Blu

Introducing Moxi Blu

Introducing Moxi Blu

Some highlights of the new Unitron Moxi Blu product:

  1. New, faster processing chip to re-act even quicker to each environment you encounter
  2. Allows 2 simultaneous blue tooth connections and up to 8 pairings
  3. Remote Plus App – more user controls (including speech enhancing and noise reduction), down to each environment level
  4. Virtual Assistant access (Hey Google and/or Siri)
  5. Tap control
  6. Soft Speech Lift
  7. Six new on-demand manual programs available with user specific customization (via Remote Plus App on your smart phone)
  8. Slimmer upper sides (to better accommodate glasses (and masks!))
  9. Slightly taller control buttons (for easier finding and pressing)

Ask us about “Flex:Trial“:

a real-world assessment with hearing aids to let you experience improved hearing at home, work and everywhere in between before you buy. The Flex-Trial hearing aids keep track and analyze the different types of environments you spend time in. These insights will help both  us and you understand the way you listen and find the perfect solution for you. See the video below about Nanette, a retired commercial pilot, that tried the Flex Trial.

Nanette, Retired Commercial Pilot – Used Flex Trial

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