Assistive Listening Devices:

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Bluetooth/wireless amplified neck-band earphones

Neck Band Earphones
  • Allows the user to listen to music, television, cell phone conversation, and hear environmental sounds.
  • Rechargeable battery allows for up to 5 hours of normal use
  • Flexible and lightweight neckband is comfortable, sweat resistant, and bendable for ease of use
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • Dual control allows for customizing volume, amplification, and listening modes
  • Amplifies outside sounds up to 9x their normal volume
  • White color – also available in black

cell phone amplifier

Cell Phone Amplifier
  • Works with virtually any Bluetooth® cell phone.  Also works with your iPad or iPod, Amplifies up to 40 dB (100 times louder).
  • Use as a handset.
  • Amplifies up to 40 dB (100 times louder). No more straining to hear
  • Selectable speakerphone mode, together with the magnetic visor clip, allows hands-free conversation in cars

Alarm Clocks:

alarm clock w / bed shaker combo

Alarm Clock
  • Alarm clock with adjustable volume and tone control that includes bed shaker designed to wake the heaviest of sleepers

Dual Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock 2
  • Boom alarm clock designed to wake up the heaviest of sleepers
  • Dual alarm to accommodate 2 different alarm times
  • Packaged with a vibrating bed shaker
  • Extra-large (1.8″) easy to read display
  • 113dB alarm
  • 5-level dimmer function
  • Battery back-up for power outages

Alarm Watches:

Black, Nylon Strap

Alarm Watch
  • Smaller version of the original alarm watch
  • 3 Alarm Modes – vibration, audible or both
  • 12 Daily alarm settings 
  • Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat – for ongoing preset interval timing; repeats each time countdown reaches zero (i.e. take medication every 4 hours)
  • Bright back light
  • Water resistant
  • Fits Wrist Sizes:  4.5” – 7.4” 

Vibrating Alarm Elegant Dress Watch for men

Alarm Watch 2
  • Five alarm settings        
  • Alarm signals through strong vibration alerts        
  • Easy to read, LCD display shows the set alarm times        
  • Elegantly detailed faceplate with raised rose gold-tone hands and markers        
  • Polished, high-grade stainless-steel case        
  • Luxurious, genuine leather band – black color  

Alerting Systems:

Telephones, Alarm Clocks, Doorbells, Motion Detections, Smoke Detectors, Baby Monitors

Alarm Clock 1
Alarm Clock
Motion Dector
Motion Detection
Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor

TV Listening Systems:

Wireless TV Speaker

Wireless TV Speaker
  • Wireless, portable TV speaker that allows for the individual to position the speaker near them as they watch TV
  • Improved sound quality – louder and richer sound

FM/Wireless Systems:

Personal FM System

Personal FM System
  • Delivers superior audio directly to the ear        
  • Features 17 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz band    
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet        
  • 3.5mm jack          
  • RCH Version includes drop-in charger and rechargeable batteries 

Loop Systems:

Teleloop System

Field Teleloop System
  • A TV/stereo amplifier system that transmits sound via a wire loop installed around the perimeter of a room directly to the t-coil of a hearing aid or loop receiver 
  • Amplifier connects to TV or stereo and sends sound directly to hearing aid
  • Loop of wire receives sound & creates an electromagnetic field which is then picked up by the hearing aid t-coil & converted to audible sound

Hearing Hotspot Counter Loop

Hearing Hotspot Counter Loop
  • Compact, portable induction loop system intended for dialogue at reception/counter areas. Magnetic signal couples directly to hearing aid equipped with t-coil or loop receiver 
  • Counter loop picks up external sound via built-in microphone
  • Range: 3-4 ft
  • 60 dB output

Tinnitus Maskers:  

Sound Conditioner

Sound Conditioner
  • 8 base sound options: lakeshore, rain, country eve, surf l, surf ll, thunderstorm, brook, and white sound; 8 overlay sound options to enhance base sounds:  sea gull, owl, songbirds, loons, frogs, hawk, buoy, and dove.
  • Auxiliary jack for headphones or other devices.
  • 60-minute sleep timer.
  • Slide controls for tone and volume.
  • LEDs to highlight selected sound options

Under Pillow SleepSound System

Under Pillow SleepSound System
  • Ultra-thin under pillow sound system to facilitate relaxation and sleep
  • Two (2) high fidelity speakers deliver stereo sound
  • Non-slip, padded design maintains position under pillow
  • Two sound source options include built-in, pre-recorded soothing nature sounds for tinnitus relief and ability to upload up to 30 minutes of your own favorite music

Tinnitus Sound Therapy System

Tinnitus Sound Therapy System
  • Even better sound quality – improved sound processing delivers CD quality sound 
  • 12 sleep/relax/wellness sounds – ocean surf, rain, stream, white noise, forest, thunderstorm, energy chimes, tranquility, alpha clouds, sleep surf, delta voyage, dream echoes and 12 ear therapy sounds for tinnitus relief
  • Powered by AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • International adapter included for worldwide use
  • Sleep Enhancement Technology – gradually slows playback speed to gently lull user to sleep
  • Blacklit alarm clock with sound selection & brightness control
  • 10-minute snooze cycle
  • Volume control
  • 3.5mm Headphone or sleep pillow jack
  • Sleep timer with auto shut-off (30, 60, or 90 minutes)

Sleep Therapy Pillow

Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill pillow with speakers so users can surround head with sound to minimize perception of tinnitus
  • Pillow Dimensions: 20” x 26”
  • 2 Ultra-thin speakers positioned deep within the pillow for comfort
  • Speakers are removable so pillow can be washed
  • 3.5mm plug connects to most electronic devices (iPod, MP3, smartphone, CD, etc.)
  • Adjustable volume control

Sleep Phones

Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones
  • Soft, stretchable headband with removable, padded speakers that pairs with smartphone and/or most Bluetooth enabled devices to offer wireless music streaming for relaxation and/or sleep
  • Additional soothing sound tracks available for iPhone via SleepPhones iPhone App in the iPhone App store     
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, E-book readers, iPads & Tablet computers, iPods, MP3 players, computers and game consoles        
  • Provides 10-13 hours of play via rechargeable Li-Ion battery         
  • Wirelessly streams music up to 30 feet (range approximate and may be affected by obstructions such as walls or furniture)        
  • Machine washable, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking headband comprised of fleece (95% polyester, 5% spandex)        
  • Other colors (gray and lavender) and sizes available (medium and extra large); wired version also available    
  • One-year warranty    

HAMILTON CAPTEL 840I– FREE (to qualified users)

Requires: Telephone Service and High-Speed Internet Connection via Ethernet or WiFi 

Telecaption Device
  • Telecaption Devices –Hamilton CapTel 840i with Display Stand (free) – is the most advanced captioned telephone available, making it possible to listen and read word-for-word captions of everything said to you on the phone – like captions on television. The result is clarity and confidence on every call.
  • Captions can be turned on/off as needed        
  • Callers can dial your number directly        
  • Built-in answering machine with captioned playback of up to 100 recorded messages    
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors – extra-large font for easier reading    
  • Large 7” backlit, graphical LCD color display screen with greater resolution        
  • Traditional buttons for navigation of on-screen menus
  • Tone control    
  • Adjustable ringer and phone volume controls        
  • Phonebook can store up to 97 numbers        

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