Hearing Loss Checklist

Hearing Loss Self-Test Checklist | Tellico Hearing Solutions

Do you have symptoms of hearing loss?

Use this checklist to help yourself understand what you’re experiencing.

  1. Do you have difficulty hearing and understanding words in a crowd or against background noise?
  2. Do others complain that you have the TV or radio too loud?
  3. Do you often complain that others are not speaking distinctly?
  4. Do you need to face the person you are speaking with in order to understand what’s being said?
  5. Do you avoid going out to social gatherings where listening is difficult?
  6. Do you have trouble hearing at the movies, church, restaurants or other times in a crowd?
  7. Do you frequently ask others to repeat their sentences and ask them to speak more slowly and clearly?
  8. Do you hear but not understand high-pitched voices of women and children?
  9. Are you unable to hear natural sounds, such as rain falling or birds chirping?

If you answered “yes” to several of these questions, then it’s time to have your hearing tested. A quality hearing aid could change your life!

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